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Foam volcano

Extreme eruption home edition


- hydrogen peroxide,
- potassium manganate (VII) (available in pharmacy),
- dishwashing liquid,
- beaker of water,
- pincers,
- flask.


Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless and odorless liquid, having a density slightly higher than water. Is corrosive and used as a strong oxidizing agent in the chemical industry. It is used widely in the production of a number of organic dyes, as initiating explosives in the production of peroxides such as acetone peroxide.

Pour washing liquid into a container with a narrow neck. Then carefully pour peroxide.

The vessel set on a smooth surface.

Do saturated solution of potassium manganate -add a few crystals to the water.

Pour fast a small amount of potassium permanganate solution.

Stormy reaction begins, which will result in production of large quantities of foam.


Potassium manganate is a strong catalyst for hydrogen peroxide decomposition. That's why hydrogen peroxide is decomposed by the above equation into water and oxygen. In the presence of oxygen in the detergent solution is trapped and formed foam.