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Magnetic field

How the magnetic field works


- metal particles,
- horse-shoe magnet,
- paper.


Under the white sheet place the magnet. Sprinkle generously piece of paper with metal particles while gently tapping it by hand.


We can see now, what happens with the metal particles. Immediately notice that the metal particles arrange themselves around a magnet.


We learned that our metal particles sprinkled around a magnet arranged in lines defining the area of the magnet. This area is a magnetic field. If the area of the magnet finds the corresponding magnetic object, it will be quickly attracted or repulsed. Experience helps us to visualize the magnetic field lines and their regularity. It is not difficult also to notice that most of the metal particles is structured around the ends of the magnets. This is due to the fact that the magnetic force in these areas the strongest. The farther from the poles, the weaker impact is.