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Cells are the building blocks of every organic material. Skin, leaves, wood, organs etc. consists of cells. They are alive and in order to grow or to refresh organic material, they can duplicate themselves. An simple example: As mentioned before, your skin consists of cells. If you injure your skin, your skin has to recover the wound. As you now, your wounds heal after a few days. This is just possible, because of the cells ability to duplicate themselves. This effect is also very useful, when you are growing. Imagine your skin would not grow, when you become taller.


After talking about the property of cells, we are going to deal with their appearance. As mentioned before they are very small.Their size depends on the on which type of cell you are dealing with, but the smallest cell is as small as a grain of rice which you cut in 10000 equal pieces.

Furthermore plant cells are filled with salty water and their so called plant wall (skin of the plant cells) is not waterproofed. Therefore they are able to lose water or suck up water. This property is important to understand the biology experiment "Alive Matches"