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Turgor pressure

Turgor pressure is an effect, which takes place in plant cell. In general it is a process of inflating cells, by sucking up water. For example wood consists of plant cells. These cells are filled with salty water. If they are in another kind of water (for example from the water-tap), the concentration of salt inside the cell is different form the concentration of salt outside the cell. (Inside salty and outside almost no salt). Therefore the concentrations of salt is different. The water is "aim" to equate the difference of salt-concentration. In order to achieve this aim, just the water (not the salt) crosses the cell wall. The cell inflates. The concentration is equal, because there is a lot of salt inside the cell, but also a lot of water and outside the cell is less salt, but also less water. If you had the possibility to taste the water, both would be equally salty. Even if the volume of water is different.



In order to make this effect more vivid, I would like to compare it with an effect of your everyday life. Image you try to mix water and apple juice. Apple juice consists of water and smashed apples. If you pour the apple juice into the glass with just water, you can see areas where is more water than apple juice. But after a few seconds it is totally mixed up. There are no areas with more apple or more water. The concentration of apple juice is equal everywhere you test it in the glass.