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Electrical potential

Before we are going to deal with the phrase "electrical potential", we have to deal with the phrase "potential". Potential means to have energy, which is not used, but ready to be used. Imagine a slingshot. If you pull the elastic band, for example, ten centimeter, the stone will fly a shorter distance then if you pull the elastic band twenty centimeter. Without shooting, you know that the stone will fly a longer distance by using more tension; its potential will be higher. By using a higher tension, you increase the stone's potential and therefore the energy, which is saved in the tension of the elastic band.



By knowing the phrase "potential", we can deal with "electrical potential". In this case "electrical" just means to have potential, which consists of electrical energy. For example a completely charged battery has more electrical potential, than a empty battery. Less energy, which is ready to be used means less potential.