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Catch energy with paper.


- lamp, with uncovered bulb
- black piece of paper
- white piece of paper


Place the pieces of paper underneath the lamp. Make sure that the distance between the paper and the bulb is small.

Switch on the lamp and wait a few minutes. Remove the paper carefully and touch both at the same time. Is there a different?



Light is a energy which is moving. It is possible to send light to different locations. With a torch you can "send" light to almost every location. If we have in mind that light is energy, we are "sending" energy to different locations. But in order to catch this energy it is necessary to absorb it. In our experiment we are using paper with different colors. Be cause it is the same kind of paper, the effect of absorbing the energy is connected to the paper's color. Black paper obviously catches more energy than white paper. The black paper is more warm. As a conclusion different colors reflect light more than others. White paper reflects almost all the light. That is the reason, why it is not warm. Black paper absorbs a lot of light. Light equals energy. Therefore it becomes warm.