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An experiment is a method to gain information by trying. This does not mean that the tries are accidental. An experiment is structured and planed.

What does this formal definition mean in our case? is based on the idea to give knowledge through experiments. By referring to the definition above we offer knowledge or information by trying. Here is a particular case that is suppose to illustrate the meaning of experiments on

You are interested in the effects of pressure and the atmosphere. provides of cause an experiment which deals with atmospheric-pressure. By doing the experiment using the instructions, you experience the atmospheric pressure and learn about its characteristics. In the future you can use your gained knowledge by remembering the effect that you watched.

For sure the experiment's explanation will give you additional information, which help you to understand, but even if the explanation does not contain the information that the atmospheric pressure "presses" from every direction and dimension (not only from above) you will know that, because you remember that the paper did not fall when you turned the glass.

All in all you gained information by reading the explanation, but you also got the experience with the effect can use details, which appear unimportant at first. Another very important point is also that doing experiments is more fun than reading along long scientific articles and that why this article end now...

Try the atmospheric pressure experiment!