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What is rain?

For sure rain is the amount of water-drops falling from the sky, but what is its origin. In order to answer this question, we are going to follow the rain-drops you can know from your everyday life.

The drop is coming from above and disappears by flowing down the sink or it sweeps away the ground. In every case it will be collected in a lake, puddle, pond, ocean, or artificial reservoirs. After the rain, the sun is shining again and the world outside gets dry again. The effect of drying is connected with different effects, which all share one result: the water becomes gaseous.

Clouds in the sky are a accumulation of gaseous water. The air can absorb an amount water in gaseous phase. This characteristic of absorbing water and how much can be absorbed depends also on the temperature. So the clouds are moving and when the limit of water in the air is reached and the temperature also changes, the water will become liquid again and fall. This change of the state of aggregation and is called rain again. Water-drops are to heavy to fly, therefore they are falling and the circuit of rain starts again.