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Force is one central unit in the subject of physics. Force can influence objects by accelerating or deform them. It is measured in N (Newton).

This is the scientific explanation of force. We are going to explain this explanation:

One very big and also very old part of physics is mechanics. The topic mechanics focuses a lot on the topic of objects which are influenced by force.

What does "influenced" by force mean?

Lets use an example to make this definition more imaginable. An apple can be an object. The object or apple lying on a table can be influenced by force. The force you can cause by using the muscles of your arm can influence the apple by lifting it. In the object (apple) is influenced by a force (muscles of your arm).

What is one Newton?

Force is measured in Newton (N). Newton is a SI- Unit. One Newton is needed in order to lift ca. 100g chocolate.


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