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A Markers Rainbow

Create  multiple color circles with only one marker.


- one or more non-permanent markers
- coffee-filter
- water
- paperclips
- wooden sticks
- as many glasses as different markers


Cut the coffee-filter in stripes, one stripe for every marker, you want to test.

Draw a small circle in the center of the stripes and clip every stripe to one wooden stick, by using the paperclips.

Hang the stripes in a glass and fill some water in the glass until the level of water rises the coffee-filter. Do not let the level of water reach the color circle.

Now you need some patience. Watch the water rise and discover how the color circle changes.



The colors are absorbed by the filters. By becoming wet, the colors split and have to be absorbed again. Different colors are more or less absorbed by the filters and therefore a color which can be absorbed very easily does not move such a long distance and colors, that cannot be absorbed so easily move a longer distance. So the different colors split up and create this spectrum or rainbow.