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The word chemistry is developed over many, many years and finally developed out of the Greek word “χημία” or “χημεία”. The aim of Chemists, the people who study chemistry, is

to think about the matter and the energy, mostly in combination. Interesting is that you can not divide physics, chemistry and biology from each other because they are sciences.
Even chemistry can not be divided exactly in parts but there is a possibility to say that there are theoretical and experimental parts, as in physics. Mathematics has a enormous influence on chemistry but they are not the same. While mathematics is more hypothetical, chemistry is often experimental.

The people who study chemistry work in laboratories, in the environment, on the computer if they develop models or even in school as a teacher to wide out your knowledge. Today people work on experiments and studies to explore new things and wide the knowledge.

Including our website you can be a Chemist at home. You can find many experiments that you can try and afterwards you will understand the nature and the environment better. Have a lot of fun!