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Salt crystals factory

The task used to be frequently asked as homework in primary schools.


- Jam jar,

- Salt,

- Hairy yarn,

- stick (for example pencil)


First, you must prepare a saturated solution of salt. For this purpose, use hot water to help in the rapid dissolution of the salt. Pour about 2/3 - 3/4 of water into the jar, add salt and stir to dissolve. If the salt dissolves and mix add more. We do so, until the water will not want to dissolve more salt. Such a solution is a saturated solution. Now you need to tie a piece of yarn on a stick such as a pencil. Best to have a length of yarn ending just above the bottom of the jar.

Let stand the jar in a place where no one will touch it throughout the crystallization.


Every movement destroys the structure of the crystallized salt, and if we continue to move jar with string, instead of crystals we will have sediment. It is good to put the jar in a place not exposing it to quickly evaporate.

Crystals after 1 hour

and after 2 days.